Investigation and diagnosis

Based on a full inspection of your building construction, the available building documentation and analysis of its condition, we can offer a way for you to reach the desired level of safety and its service life.

After a complete inspection and architectural filming, there are cases in which a constructive survey will be needed. It includes:

1. Analysis of available building construction documentation

2. Diagnostics and verification of the current state of the structure

3. Determination of the actual and future loads

4. Experimental research, including destructive and non-destructive methods for the examination of the properties of the input materials and the behavior of the structure (only in cases where the loadability of the structure or element can not be sufficiently accurately assessed and and in case of new technology approach)

5. Estimating the potential reserves in the load-bearing capacity of the structure and identify the structural elements, parts and connections to be recovered, replaced or reinforced.

All the data acquired from the diagnostic exercise will serve as a basis for the input of the recovery, reinforcement or reconstruction project. These details are of extreme importance and must be given special attention, due to the complexity and danger of sudden collapse at this stage.

Constructive Opinions

When do you need a constructive opinion?
When changing the purpose of the site; when performing repairs related to the removal or construction of partition walls, the execution of holes in walls and slabs.
For the construction works referred to in Art. 147, para 1, 3, 5, 7 and 12 of the TDA, for which an investment project is not required, but a building permit is required such as:
-farm buildings;
– greenhouses with an area of up to 200 square meters;
– swimming pools up to 100 cubic meters;
– supporting walls up to 2 m high;
– Buildings
– Glazing of balconies and loggias;
-to legalize existing buildings and prepare a technical passport.
In all other cases where a constructive opinion is required.

What is a constructive opinion?

This is a text that contains information about the construction in which the construction works are carried out, data on conducted calculations and checks on the carrying capacity of the structure due to the activities carried out and a graphic part with details of construction process.

How much does constructive opinion cost?

The cost varies greatly, depending on the specific case.