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Waterproofing of elevator shafts

Execution of waterproofing works in existing elevator shafts

In case of severely damaged foundation of the elevator shaft, one or two waterproof screeds are poured, in combination with a system for subsequent injection along the contour.

After the implementation of leveling screed and laying of injection system and water-swellable tape. Possibility for subsequent injection along the contour with polyurethane resin.

Remove compromised concrete and add greased waterproofing on board in the area of ​​strong water filtration.

Execution of final waterproof screed

Local leak sealing - a combination of new waterproof concrete and injection of the surrounding areas

Investigation of leaks along the capital's metro tunnels

The possible causes of water leaks through working and expansion joints are being sought. The condition of the concrete with traces of extracted calcium hydroxide is examined. Determination of the level of corrosion in the reinforcement. Based on the prepared opinion, the technology was chosen to eliminate the identified shortcomings and extend the service life of the facilities. Areas suitable for injection of waterproofing resins and lubricated waterproofing have been identified.