Design and construction work

Designing and creating a new construction is only part of its life cycle. During its operation, additional construction interventions are required to meet future requirements or to maintain its original performance. Materials age, foundation sinks, improper operation occurs, design and construction errors do too, exposure to aggressive agents (such as soil salts and polluted air) may cause damage to the construction and facing elements. Incorrect interference and improper repairs may result in expensive interventions and / or serious material and physical damage.
The “Renovate” team offers a wide range of activities covering the reinforcement, retrofitting and reconstruction of existing building structures and elements thereof, at all stages of the construction-investment project. The guarantee of quality and price is achieved through the rich assortment of repair systems and carefully chosen materials that we can offer to our customers. The specific every object requires an individual approach in search of the best and most optimal solution based of the specific requirements placed by the client.

Construction project development

In order to prepare a project for reconstruction, it is necessary to thoroughly pre-examine the existing construction state and assess its overall technical condition. After cost-effectiveness analysis, comparison of possible options, a technical assignment with a proposal for restoration, repair, reinforcement, partial or total reconstruction is prepared.


Cost-effectiveness analysis

The fundations of each successful construction project are a well-developed cost-effectiveness analysis. In the analysis stage we consider problems such as repair value, durability of the final result, reliability, possibility for future changes in designation, repair time and economic factors associated with it. Choices are thenmade between different amplification systems in order to optimally achieve the desired results. The final choice is based on a combination of all these aspects of the problem. It includes various solutions and comparisons between them in order to optimally fulfill the criteria set by the investor. The requirements for the people who develop the analysis are a the possession of profound knowledge of building technologies, the organizational links between the construction processes and the common difficulties in implementing the project itself.

Reinforcement of structural elements

Аddition of new floor or space expansion

It is often the case that owners of older buildings would lean towards reconstruction with the thought of maximising the usage of the built-up area. The absorption of the attic space and its transformation into a living area is easily to do and is common for urban areas. Thus with minimal investment, we receive additional living space for personal use or rental. Another increasingly common approach is the upgrading of old buildings when property parameters allow it. Authorization and construction procedures, as well as construction itself, have various advantages as opposed to the complete demolition and disposal of the building and then erecting it again from scratch.

Reconstructions and repairs involving changes/amendments in the building structure

This is necessary when expanding, joining two floors with an internal staircase, opening for new doors and windows, integrating a balcony, changing the purpose, replacing existing floorings with high-tech and others. In building practice, there are countless examples of successful renovations, turning old, abandoned houses into works of architectural art.

Professional consultation about defects in a building that you inhabit or have investment intentions

Neglectment and cosmetic “repair” of defects in the construction of a building poses real risks, especially in areas with high seismic activity, which include the territory of Bulgaria. In 1928. a series of three destructive earthquakes, the strongest (the second) with a magnitude of 7.0, are realized along the Maritsa River valley. The events caused considerable destruction in the cities of Plovdiv, Chirpan and Parvomay. It destroyed completely 74,000 buildings, about 150 people are killed and over 1,000 injured. The next strong earthquake was on 04.03.1977. In the Vrancea region (Romania) with M = 7.2. To date, in view of the 2-4 floor old masonry buildings, the age and their worst condition, increased population, a similar magnitude would result in much more severe property damage and a number of casualties.
More about the primary diagnostics that any owner can do can read here.

In case of repair or complete replacement of the roof structure

The architectural solutions for the transformation of a loft area are countless. Just a few clicks on the internet search engine are enough to convince us that the room, which has been such an unnecessary warehouse area for old items, can become a perfect place to live or relax from the busy everyday life. In a number of aesthetic and economic reasons, the preservation of the original roof structure, built of old, massive beams, is a widely preferred choice among owners. The old roof, however, besides a remnant, also hides weak spots. Its repair is not exhausted by the possible replacement of the waterproofing and the cladding.

A prerequisite for the transformation of the roof space is the preliminary consultation with a engineer who will make a thorough view of the main roof structure. Particularly vulnerable places are the connections between the elements and the beams, wetted regularly over the years. Quality repairs ensure long-lasting security and comfort for occupants – something extremely important when talking about one of the weakest places in a house – the roof.

New door and  window openings

In recent years, people’s lives have changed at an exceptional rate. Massive new appliances, different furniture schemes, modern architectural solutions are entering. All this must fit into our old houses built in a past era. The small windows in the old houses, the lack of a direct connection between the premises or the yard decrease the ergonomics of our home. Luckily a reconstruction involving new opening of light spaces for a door or window is quite possible in most cases(even in cases where the hole/gap is in a brick or reinforced concrete wall of the building). This, of course, can only be executed with an approved design by a civil engineer with experience in reconstruction repairs and well acquainted with the different types of work necessary for the reinforcement of the concrete and the masonry structures.