Repair of facade bearing walls

укрепване на носеща тухлена стена

Replace masonry solution of a two-storey house

A compromised retaining wall activates movement processes in the soil. Retaining wall movements cause soil settlings in the house fundations.

пропукана подпорна стена

нова подпорна стена

пукнатини в стена на къща

After duplication of the retaining wall and observations on the development of the cracks on the facade, a decision is taken to restore the structural integrity of the affected masonry. Motion processes, as well as the freeze and thaw cycles during the winter seasons, have compromised the masonry solution in depth around the cracks.

ремонт на зидария

ремонт разствор на цокъл

ремнт на напукани стени на къща


Constructive recovery measures cover the entire affected areas. Manually and mechanically removing the compromised lime solution and replacing it in depth with cement. An analogous procedure was applied to the stone masonry along the perimeter of the house.

подменен зидариен разтвор

подменен зидариен разтвор в стена

ремонт на напукана стена

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