The complete reconstruction of a residential and industrial building, a cultural monument, at Bul. "Stefan Stambolov" №26.

The project includes the demolition of the main building, preservation and strengthening of the original facade from the street. An entirely new monolithic, reinforced concrete structure is being built behind it.

Complete project for reconstruction of Hotel “St. Sofia

The implemented project for complete reconstruction of the four-star hotel "St. Sofia" is located on one of the most famous shopping streets, 18 Pirotska Street.

The complete reconstruction begins with the demolition of the main building, preservation and strengthening of the original facade with architectural style from the end of the XIX century. An entirely new monolithic, reinforced concrete structure is being built behind it.

Batenberg office building on Knyaz Al. Battenberg ”№4

Awarded for building of the year in the category "Public buildings for business purposes". The investor is Bellevue Property Management and the contractor is Glavbolgarstroy. The architectural project is the work of Omega Architects by architects Konstantin Antonov and Ivan Bitrakov.

The completely reconstructed building has six floors with a panoramic roof.

The constructive project for its reconstruction includes demolition of the old building, strengthening and preserving the original facade. In its place is built a new, monolithic, reinforced concrete structure behind the original facade. A challenge is the hidden constructive unification of a new and an existing structure.


Reconstruction of a family house in the village of Pancharevo. Design and implementation to change the distribution and new roof structure. Renovation includes increasing the useful area of ​​the building, adding waterproofing to the foundations, new openings for doors and windows.

Waterproofing and thermal insulation of an existing ground floor.


Removal of cracks in a private swimming pool

Depending on the width and location of the cracks, two filling methods were used - injection and surface filling after cutting. Surface filling is the preferred method for "working" cracks, when structural reinforcement of the pool bed is not performed. The use of elastic resins guarantees water tightness even after some additional opening of the existing cracks.

In this case, the cause of the cracks is a combination of improper reinforcement, low grade concrete and undermining the foundations of the pool by running water.

Time to repair the pool - one working day

Time for commissioning - 24 hours

Warranty period - 5 years


Waterproofing of elevator shafts

Execution of waterproofing works in existing elevator shafts

In case of severely damaged foundation of the elevator shaft, one or two waterproof screeds are poured, in combination with a system for subsequent injection along the contour.

After the implementation of leveling screed and laying of injection system and water-swellable tape. Possibility for subsequent injection along the contour with polyurethane resin.

Remove compromised concrete and add greased waterproofing on board in the area of ​​strong water filtration.

Execution of final waterproof screed

Local leak sealing - a combination of new waterproof concrete and injection of the surrounding areas

Investigation of leaks along the capital's metro tunnels

The possible causes of water leaks through working and expansion joints are being sought. The condition of the concrete with traces of extracted calcium hydroxide is examined. Determination of the level of corrosion in the reinforcement. Based on the prepared opinion, the technology was chosen to eliminate the identified shortcomings and extend the service life of the facilities. Areas suitable for injection of waterproofing resins and lubricated waterproofing have been identified.


Filling cracks and replacing masonry mortar in the load-bearing walls of a two-story house

Compromised retaining wall activates movement processes in the soil. The yielding of the retaining wall causes subsidence in the strip foundations of the house in the immediate vicinity.

After duplication of the retaining wall and observations on the development of cracks in the facade, a decision was made to restore the structural integrity of the affected masonry. The processes of movement, as well as the cycles of freezing and thawing during the winter seasons, have deeply compromised the masonry mortar around the formed cracks.

Мерките за конструктивно възстановяване обхващат целите засегнати участъци. Ръчно и механично премахване на компроментирания варов разтвор и заменянето му в дълбочина с циментов. Аналогична процедура за запълване на пукнатини е приложена и за каменната зидария по периметъра на къщата.

Filling cracks in masonry

Structural filling and sealing of cracks in load-bearing, brick walls of a house.


Removal of capillary moisture in the semi-underground floor of a house

An internal waterproofing curtain injection was applied. The technology is the injection under pressure of resins filling the free pores in the wall material. The aim is to achieve complete watertightness of the lowest accessible horizontal plane of the wall through multiple injection points.

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Strengthening when removing load-bearing walls in old houses

The removal of load-bearing walls inevitably weakens the structure. In most cases, even 12 cm thick bricks made of single bricks are involved in bearing the load. This was also foreseen by the designer of the building. Mass-built houses from the last century are made of skeleton of four bricks. Demolition in these walls is also dangerous and reduces their resistance. The weakening of external and internal walls in old buildings must be reliably compensated by new, reinforcing elements. The demolition of the brewery in order to merge premises, new doors and windows poses real risks to the building and should therefore be carried out with special care.

Our team designs and manufactures metal structures for the removal of internal and external load-bearing walls in old houses. The most common activities are re-supporting the top plate, framing a masonry column, opening and strengthening additional door openings in load-bearing walls.

Additional metal column

Emergency beam support in a renovated apartment. Preservation of the interior during the strengthening:

Installation of reinforcing rails

Reinforcement of sagging and cracked reinforced concrete slab. Increasing the load-bearing capacity of the slab. Increasing the reliability and in case of expected increase of the payload in the premises above it.

Support / re-support of sagging balconies and other cantilever projections of the facade

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On-site production of metal structure, primer and paint according to the project of the assignor

Our team offers design, implementation and repair of metal structures. Installation of thermal panels, LT sheet metal. Implementation of corrosion protection, fire protection and finishing coatings. Ability to work on sites with high technological requirements, difficult and winter working conditions. Preparation and implementation of projects for metal structures in a short time and without compromise in the quality of the whole territory of Bulgaria.



Partial reinforcement of joists in an old house from 1932. Addition of sound insulation of high density stone wool.

Achieved results:

  • emoval of vibrations when walking √
  • elimination of annoying squeaks from the joists √
  • leveling the floor √
  • significant increase of the sound insulation between the floors of the house √
  • the formation of a barrier for the passage of gases through the trimmer √
  • rodent protection √
  • reducing the rate of fire spread in a fire √