avariino ukrepvane


Renovirai.com offers design and implementation of emergency reinforcement of building structures. Our expert designers prepare in the shortest possible time the construction documentation necessary for the strengthening of highly endangered buildings and other building structures.

The main principles we apply in the emergency strengthening of buildings are:

  • non-violating structural measures of the building;
  • the emergency reinforcement project must not impede further repairs;
  • the removal of the emergency reinforcement should not compromise the already fortified building;
  • when designing the fortification measures, the accompanying hazards shall be taken into account as much as possible;
  • in case of emergencies caused by movements of the foundations and activation of joints, the meteorological conditions are also taken into account;
  • the magnitude of the damage may require interruption of the power supply and water supply to the site. In such situations, for the needs of emergency reinforcement, alternative sources are provided;
  • the durability of the emergency reinforcement must be sufficient. The time provided for the life of the temporary fortification should serve for a more detailed investigation of the problem, for the design, administrative movement and implementation of the fortification;
  • if it is considered that the building is not subject to restoration, the measures taken should serve only for the period of safe decommissioning of the building. For this period a plan for safe logistics of items and equipment subject to "rescue" from the building is prepared;
  • the maximum value of the reinforcing measures depends on the value of the reinforced structure;
  • the removal of emergency reinforcement should also not be unnecessarily difficult and expensive;
    the implementation is carried out in case of increased security measures;
  • the implementation is carried out with priority over the other already started projects.

You can contact us for assistance if you need specific information related to your building. Do not hesitate to contact us!