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“Renovate” offers the services of a Bulgarian leading team of high skilled experts in the field of reconstruction, reinforcement and restoration of building structures

(БГ) Укрепване и реконструкция
(БГ) на сгради

“Renovate” offers a wide range of services including reinforcement, restoration and reconstruction of existing building structures at each and every stage of the investment cycle.

Our Services S


The team offers consultationand drafting of the necessary technical documentation at every stage of the construction investment process in new or existing build.


"Renovare" offers a wide range of activities covering the reinforcement, reconstruction and reconstruction of existing building structures at all stages of a construction investment project.


Based on the overall inspection of your building construction, the available construction documentation and analysis, a solution, achieve the desired level of safety and extension of the construction`s service life is proposed.


Application of strengthening systems is taken into account, in order to achieve high level of safety, extension of service life, increasement of the useful area or load or change of purpose.


Design and execution of building interventions which do not affect the appearance of the facade elements or the building, which holds a monument status.


According to Art. 195 of the Territory Ownership Act, the owners of the building property are obliged to keep it in a safe condition for the environment, and in case of an accident, they are fully responsible

The design and construction works of a new construction is only a part of its life cycle.
During its operational period, additional construction interventions are required to meet future requirements or to maintain its original performance. Aging of the materials, stagnation in the foundations, improper exploitation and maintenance, errors in design and execution, exposure to aggressive agents (such as soil salts and polluted air), may lead to damages in the structure and the facade elements. Late maintenance and improper repairs may result in need for more expensive repairs and/or serious material and physical damage.
We offer both individual solutions for each client and the implementation of our projects, legal and documentary support in the construction works.

Advantages A


The specificity of each site requires competent opinion from different specialists. That is why our tasks are divided or solved in a team.


Quality design and execution not only reduce the costs incurred by the partiesfor the final product but furthermore they ensure a long and safe runtime for the construction.


Accurate determination of the current and predicted state of a construction provides guarantee of a complete solution of all of its constructional issues which might arise.


In choosing construction interventions, it is a basic requirement to preserve or enhance quality, harmony, symmetry and security.  


Within our practice priority is taken by introducing the client with the different action plans in order to maximize the execution of his requirements and needs.


Our individual solutions offer an optimal balance between quality, interventions duration and price, without compromising on security.

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