Preparation of projects and project documentation

Creating a project for a building or facility is a complex and specific process. It combines many elements such as input data, objectives, regulatory requirements, financial justification. Thanks to the experience gained in our intensive work, for us this process is clear and worked out over time. At the start of the project we can give an expert assessment and present the path to achieving the goal for the client, with a chronology of events, approximate deadlines and expected values ​​for individual processes and services. Through this assessment, the client obtains a clear work plan. He gets acquainted with all his rights and obligations as an "Assignor" and with all the services that we can perform as designers for the implementation of the investment.
We know that a quality project is the first necessary condition for the completion of any successful project.
We offer a range of services related to the design, construction and legalization of buildings and adjacent land.
Our team includes specialists in all specialties who quickly and efficiently perform each task in accordance with the requirements of the investor.
We can offer you complex design in all specialties and other services related to construction, coordination of projects in various instances, control of implementation and commissioning of sites.


We offer you fast and high-quality complex design in all specialties:

"Architecture" Part , / project and visualizations /
"Constructions" Part
"Electro" Part
"Water and Sewerage" Part
"Safety" Part
"Fire Safety" Part
"Construction waste management" Part
"Quantitatively - valuable account" Part
"HR with tracing plan and tachymetry" Part
"Geodesy" Part
"HVAC" Part
"Energy efficiency and EE assessment" Part
"Parking" Part

The projects in the listed specialties are the main part of the project documentation, which must be prepared before the start of the construction of each site.
We know that in the process of designing each building, the communication between the investor and the designers is as important as the constant communication between the individual designers.
For this reason, we have a whole team of specialists who work in a team, which guarantees the high quality of the prepared project documentation - graphic part and drawings, text part, material specifications and quantity invoices.
All projects we develop are in compliance with the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria, the Spatial Planning Act and other laws and regulations related to design and construction.

Preparation of interior projects and projects for interior design

Our designers can assist you with a project for interior design and interior design of any room. Regardless of whether it is a newly designed building, renovation or reconstruction of the premises.
The three-dimensional visualizations that we offer additionally will help you see and feel the atmosphere in your home, office or restaurant even before the interior construction activities have started.

With this you can save costs and time on reconstructions of an already completed site.
The quality of the projects and the selection of the most suitable colors, textures, materials, lighting and furniture guarantee the comfort and healthy environment of the interiors.
In the interior spaces designed by us, visitors and occupants feel comfortable and happy.

Change of purpose of a property

The procedure for amending the Detailed Urban Plan goes through two phases:

1. Submission of an application for admission of amendment of the Detailed Urban Plan. Addressed to the mayor of the municipality. The following documents are attached to the application:

• ownership document
• certificate for heirs / if necessary /
• sketch of the property
• terms of reference
• sketch - proposal for change of the plan (explaining what are the plans of the investor)
• consent from the owners of the neighboring regulated properties (if there is associated low-rise construction)
• notarized preliminary contract for transfer of ownership (in the cases required), etc. Within fourteen days of receiving the application, the Chief Architect issues an opinion on the basis of which the mayor allows (or rejects) the amendment of the Detailed Urban Plan . Executing the order for permitting the preparation of the detailed urban plan, we actually move to the elaboration of the plan and its coordination with the bodies, institutions and utility companies (electricity, water supply, district heating, green system, etc.).

2. Final acceptance of the detailed urban plan. For this purpose, three copies of the project are submitted to the municipality, together with the Sample Application and the attached documents.

Objections to the amendment of the Detailed Urban Plan:

• The amendment is announced to the neighbors, who in turn have the right to reject it within two weeks.
• Within one month after the end of the objection period, the project is submitted for analysis to the Municipal Expert Council for Spatial Planning.
Based on the opinion of the Municipal Expert Council for Spatial Planning, the mayor issues the order for permitting the detailed urban plan.

Project for reconstruction, reconstructions, change of purpose, change of status

• Reconstruction affecting the construction of the construction can be carried out only in buildings that have a technical passport! Check if the building has one before starting the renovation.
• Reconstructions are carried out only on legal sites! The tolerance certificate does not legalize the building.

• It is necessary to provide parking spaces in relation to the new function within its own plot.
According to the current legislation in Bulgaria (Spatial Development Act - Spatial Planning Act):
• it is not allowed to use constructions or parts of them before they are put into operation;
• it is not allowed to use the constructions or parts of them for any purpose other than their purpose or to enter into non-compliance with the requirements for commissioning.

Upon establishing a violation of a similar type (usually with a signal), the head of the DNC or the mayor of the municipality, according to the class of the site has the right to:

• prohibit with a motivated order the use of the constructions and to order their release, interruption of the supply with electricity and heat, water supply, gas, mobile network, etc. The order is unconditional for the suppliers and is done immediately;
• on the basis of a prepared act under the Law on Administrative Violations and Penalties, issues a Penal Decree.
Initial stages for implementation of reconstruction:
1. selection of the initial documentation;
2. preparation of the project documentation;
3. coordination of the project with electricity, water supply, gas supply, district heating, RIPCHP, etc. institutions depending on the case;
4. submission of the finished project and the documentation in the municipality and acquisition of consent for construction;
5. carrying out construction and installation works (construction and installation works) on the reconstruction;
6. operational introduction.

The source documentation includes:

• notarial deeds;
• sketches;
• a sketch from the cadastre, if not applicable, a letter is issued for its absence;
• notarized power of attorney, in cases where the documentation is submitted by a person who is not the owner of the site;
• актуално състояние, ако обекта е на името на юридическо лице;
• notarized approval by the immediate neighbors, the general meeting or both sites, depending on the event for buildings in the EU regime;
• minutes of the general council with the required percentage of unanimity (if necessary, in this case);
• a document certifying the legality of the status of the site that is being reconstructed: permission for use, certificate of tolerance, etc .;
• technical passport of the building in which the site to be reconstructed is located;
• a black and white copy of the official current drawing of the floor in which the object to be reconstructed is located. The document is assigned to the architecture part, taking from the archives of the municipality from the owner or proxy. Upon establishing the absence of the preserved archive, the municipality shall issue a letter for the absence of the preserved archive of the drawing;
• coordination letters from Electricity Distribution, Water and Sewerage, Gas Supply, District Heating, RIPCHP, etc. depending on the case.
• and other

Project documentation

The technical design, which must be prepared by competent architects and engineers, includes the following design parts:
• part Architecture, as well as architectural survey of the existing location of the site;
• part Constructions - the project or the constructive opinion is provided;
• part HVAC (Heating, ventilation, air conditioning) - the project is provided or if there are no changes opinion;
• plumbing part - the project is provided or if there are no changes opinion;
• part EL is provided to the project or if there are no changes opinion;
• part of (Safety and Health Project);
• part (Fire and emergency safety);
• Technology part - provided in cases of reconstruction of restaurants, production units, medical offices and grocery stores.
Rare cases in which it is provided:
• part Waterproofing - is prepared in cases when a change is established in foundations, terraces, roofs or a new extension;
• part EE (Energy Efficiency Project) - is prepared in cases when major repairs, renovations, reconstruction or reconstruction of an entire building are carried out;
• part of (Energy Efficiency Assessment - is prepared in the cases when the Energy Efficiency Project is implemented;
• part Firefighting - depends on the site;
• part Fire alarm - depends on the site;
• Alarm and security equipment - if the contracting authority wishes, but is mandatory for banks and similar sites);
• Other documents depending on the specifics of the reconstruction.

The team with leading designers arch. Maya Kostova - Uzunova and arch. Alina Delieva participated in the design and author's supervision of many sites, among which are:

1. Multifunctional complex "San Stefano Plaza" - Sofia
2. Apartment complex "Neven Residence" - Sofia
3. Multifunctional residential building - Dianabad, Sofia
4. Residential building - Nadezhda district, Sofia
5. Nature and Mathematical High School - Smolyan
6. Residential building - town of Kazanlak
7. Residential building - Dobrich
8. Fire station - Dobrich
9. Multifunctional sports grounds - the village of Govren, the village of Nastan, the village of Sredets, the town of Nedelino
10. Chitalishte "Geo Milev" - the village of Yagoda
11. Grocery store - Sofia, zh.k. Friendship 1
12. Projects for totems and billboards
13. Single-family houses - the village of Zamfirovo, the village of Kralevo, the town of Nedelino, the village of Slivo Pole, the town of Dospat,
the town of Svoge and others.
14. Administrative buildings of TITAN and Holsim plants
15. A number of interior projects of residential and public sites
16. Residential buildings, gas stations and houses in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada